About Us

The potential for a network of paint reuse schemes was realised in 1992, when the Waste Wagon project in Leeds found that we tend to store large volumes of leftover, reusable paint in our sheds, garages and cupboards. The project also found there was a demand for this material from local charities, voluntary and community groups. The first Community RePaint scheme was then established in Leeds and Ealing and subsequently a national network of schemes emerged, and Dulux helped to fund this network.

Today there are over 75 schemes in the Community RePaint network which is sponsored by Dulux and managed by Resource Futures (formerly SWAP) the employee-owned, non-profit distributing environmental consultancy, which originally conducted the Waste Wagon research project. Resource Futures offers support to exisitng schemes and provides a central point of contact for those who need paint and those with paint to donate.

Resource Futures also campaigns on behalf of the network, responds to proposed legislation, submits funding bids for the network and develops links with the voluntary and community sector, local authorities and the trade and retail industry, to reduce the cost of waste paint disposal and maximise the social and environmental benefits from paint reuse.