Painting Tips

How much paint do I need?

Use the handy 'paint calculator' from Dulux to work out how much paint you will need for a specific job and avoid buying too much. 

What type of paint should I use?

Community RePaint has put together a quick guide to the more common types of paint and their uses. Click the link to download a copy. 

How to paint...

Check out the Dulux website for painting tips and advice, such as how to prepare walls for painting, which colours to use and information on safety and the environment. You can also download our information sheets on using emulsion and gloss paints and should always read the back of the container for important information about using your paint.

How to store paint

To ensure your paint is still usable when you next need it, follow the simple tips in our How to Store Paint leaflet

In general

  • when opening lids do so carefully to avoid damaging the can sealing ring
  • make sure the lid is replaced firmly after use - for those feeling brave you can then invert the tin so that the paint seals inside the lid, then store the can the right way up. 
  • protect the paint from frost and extreme temperatures as these can damage the paint. 
  • always use a secure cupboard or storage area and keep out of the reach of children.

How to dispose of paint

If you have tins of leftover paint, which are more than half full and in a reusable condition, you can donate them to you local Community RePaint scheme. Click here to find your nearest donation point.

If, on the otherhand, your paint is no longer fit for reuse but still liquid, please contact your local council to find out what provision there is for its disposal. Waste paint should never be poured down the drain or into a watercourse. Paint which is solid/ has dried up can be disposed of with your other household waste. 

Woman painting

Top tip

Put a small dab of paint on the lid when you've finished painting to remind you of its exact colour when you come to use it again.