Trade / Retailers

Some Community RePaint schemes accept surplus paint from commercial and trade sources. So if you're a retailer, merchant, painter, decorator or business with reusable, excess paint you can supply it for reuse instead of disposal.

The schemes accept all brands of paint, but there are some types of paint they cannot accept. Please follow this link for a full list of the types of paint our schemes can and cannot accept

If you have paint which you would like to make available to our schemes please provide further details by clicking on the link below. These details, including the amount and type of paint you have, will be passed on to the Community RePaint Coordinator who will process your enquiry and get back to you within 2-3 working days.

Provide details of your paint.



Schemes typically make a small charge for processing your surplus paint. This is to help towards the scheme's running costs and any charge will be considerably less than the cost of hazardous waste disposal. In this way Community RePaint schemes will be be able to provide an ongoing service to the local community and continue to be a reliable outlet for accepting surplus paint. 

Who we've worked with...

Community RePaint has been sponsored by Dulux since its inception in 1993 and forms part of the ongoing sustainability programme of AkzoNobel. As well as funding they offer strategic support on growing and strengthening the network, plus donate paint to various Community RePaint schemes across the UK, through the Dulux Decorator Centres and their research and development centres. 

Community RePaint has also worked with a whole range of retailers, manufacturers and businesses, at a national and local level, to divert reusable paint from disposal, including:

  • Homebase
  • B&Q
  • Farrow & Ball
  • NHS Estates Department
  • Brewers
  • MITIE Property Services
  • Johnstone and Leyland Decorator Centres
  • Bagnalls
  • Various independent painters and decorators


Benefits of donating your surplus paint:

  • Reduced paint disposal costs

  • Smaller carbon footprint

  • Improved green credentials

  • Giving back to the local community

  • Positive PR