What is a Community RePaint scheme?

Essentially Community RePaint schemes divert unwanted, surplus paint from the waste stream and redistribute it for reuse by individuals, groups and communities in need.

In turn, these schemes are working to protect the environment and to assist those in need through donations of paint to local charities, providing paint to help low income families and those on benefits, and offering volunteering opportunities and training placements.

Community RePaint schemes are run by a whole range of organisations including furniture reuse organisations, scrapstores, community recyclers and local authorities. Each Community RePaint scheme is autonomous and individual, operating to a basic operational model but with individual variations according to the type and ethos of the host organisation.

There are three main variations of the basic operational model:

'Combined' Community RePaint schemes which collect paint reusable, leftover paint from Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRC) which is then sorted and stored for reuse at the scheme's premises. These schemes also accept surplus paint from retailers, painters/ decorators and other businesses.

'Trade/ Retail' Community RePaint schemes on the other hand only collect end of line, unsold or mis-tinted paint from DIY retailers and surplus paint from manufacturers. 

Finally, 'Local Authority' schemes are run by councils or waste management companies. They usually operate at the HWRC and so in contrast are not able to accept any donations of trade or retail paint (this is due to regulations restricting businesses from disposing waste at most HWRCs).