We’ve created a series of painting and decorating videos, alongside our Community RePaint Bradford scheme, to provide you with everything you need to know before starting a decorating project. From whether to use a brush or roller to which type of paint to use, we tap into Karenโ€™s knowledge which is gained from years of decorating properties.

Karen, our scheme manager in Bradford has a long history and a wealth of knowledge in the decorating industry. Watch our painting and decorating video series below.

Video 1: Which paint should you use for walls

Video 2: Which paint should you use for woodwork

Video 3: How to prepare your walls before painting

Video 4: Choosing the right roller

Video 5: How to cut in

Video 6: Painting with a roller

Video 7: Using a new brush

Video 8: Painting with a brush

Video 9: How to paint a door

Video 10: Saving brushes and rollers mid project