Please note, we are a reuse network, not a waste disposal company. We can only accept:

  • Usable paint (paint must be in good condition, see below for how to check your paint)
  • Containers that are over half full
  • Non-hazardous paint (see symbols below)
  • Paint in its original container
  • Permitted paint types (see below)


The paint containers and paint within must both be in good condition and must not have gone off. A quick smell of your paint will indicate whether your paint has gone ‘off’. ‘Off’ paint will have a distinct smell, often of rotten eggs.

Here is a list of types of paint schemes can and cannot accept:

Hazardous substances:Any paint or material whose container or packaging displays any of these hazard symbols (meaning ‘hazardous to health’ and ‘flammable’) will NOT be accepted by a scheme:

Your paint details

Please send us details of your leftover trade paint so we can identify a suitable scheme to refer you to.

Provide details of your paint

Reasons to work with our schemes:

  • Prevent a valuable resource from going to waste.
  • Reduce your paint disposal costs.
  • Improve your green credentials.
  • Benefit your local community.
  • Generate positive stories about your organisation.



Schemes request a service charge for accepting your leftover paint. This covers their collection and operational costs and will vary between schemes. Due to this, we are unable to advise on the potential charges, but as soon as we put you in touch with the scheme they will be able to provide full details. Any service charges will be considerably less than the cost of hazardous waste disposal.

Who we’ve worked with…

Community RePaint has been sponsored by Dulux since its inception in 1993 and forms part of the ongoing sustainability programme of AkzoNobel. They also provide strategic support to grow and strengthen the network and donate paint to various Community RePaint schemes across the UK, through their Dulux Decorator Centres.

Community RePaint has also worked with a whole range of retailers, manufacturers and businesses, at a national and local level, to divert reusable paint from disposal, including: