Thriplow Household Waste and Recycling Centre

Cambridgeshire County Council01223 839001
Thriplow Household Waste and Recycling CentreGravel Pit HillThriplowCambridgeshireSG8 7HZ
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About the scheme

COVID-19: Cambridgeshire County Council is temporarily unable to accept paint. See updates on the local authority website.

If you are a resident within Cambridgeshire County Council and you have leftover paint from your home you can use the drop off point on site to pass your paint on to your local scheme in Cambridgeshire. The scheme regularly collects paint from the drop off paint. The paint is then taken back to their premises where it is made available to individuals and groups in need. Unfortunately, our schemes are unable to take paint directly from individuals.

Please note, if you are not a member of this local authority you will not be eligible to access the site. If there is no drop off point in your local authority area you will need to contact them for guidance on what to do with your leftover paint. You can also adapt this template letter to encourage them to consider collecting leftover paint for reuse at their sites.

You can also make it available to other people to use you can post it on local reuse sites such as Freegle and Gumtree.