Do you need more paint to fulfil your demand? Not sure how to go about it? Before starting to source paint you need to ask yourself questions – what you want, and where can get it from?

We recommend that all schemes accept full and part full containers (half full or more) as it will allow you to maximise the volumes of paint, you can accept, as statistically, the majority of leftover paint in the UK will be in part full containers. In general, there are five sources of paint you need to think about:

1. Paint you source yourself

This is any paint sources you identify in your local area. We recommend that schemes do a search of:
• Painters and decorators
• DIY retailers
• Paint manufacturers
• Waste contractors
• House clearance companies

2. Paint from local authorities

Many Community RePaint schemes are working with local authorities and/or waste management companies to collect paint from their local Household Waste and Recycling Centres (HWRCs), under a financial contract. These agreements provide both a sustainable source of paint and income for the scheme and multiple benefits to the local authorities and waste management companies.

3. Offers received by the network

Centrally, the Community RePaint Network team receive enquiries from people/companies all over the UK on a daily basis with paint they would like to pass on to Community RePaint. When we speak to them, we will get details of the paint and mention that there may be a service charge. If the enquiry comes from your area we will contact you to see if you are interested in the offered paint and if you say ‘yes’, we will give you all the details. You then need to call them to discuss collection/delivery and any processing fees.

4. Brokerage deals established by the network

We are continually speaking with national manufacturers and retailers to identify partnerships that will benefit the network.

5. ReColour

Community RePaint can supply you with ReColour paint at affordable prices, in a range of colours and in large quantities, for you to sell at your scheme.