How you set up your retail space will affect how easy it is for your customers to find the paint they need.

When displaying your paint on shelving it is important that it is neat and organised. We recommend organising the paint into types and then colours, so it is easy for people to identify the paint.

Clear signage is really important to give your customers the best experience at your scheme. It helps them find the paint they want quickly and easily and can make your paint area much more inviting. Keep labelling high as people are used to looking up at signs (like at the supermarket) and continue the labelling on to the shelves. You could laminate and cut out ribbons to go along the shelves showing the colours and/or types of paint on offer. We recommend all signs are printed unless you have a creative staff member or volunteer who is able to produce visually appealing signs by hand.

Having a space which is clearly signposted and labelled, with your paint sorted into types and colours, will maximise the customer experience.

Make sure all containers are facing forward and neatly placed on the shelves as customers don’t want to have to rummage around. If customers can find paint easily, whilst also seeing the variety of paint that you have, they will be more likely to return and also recommend your scheme to their family and friends.

We recommend:

  • Signage throughout your premises directing people to your scheme
  • Signage in your paint area showing where different types and colours of paint are
  • Labelling of shelves to show the paint on each shelf
  • Posters with prices and other information for the customer
  • Paint neatly organised into types and colours
  • Well labelled paint with:
    • A painted lid so the colour is clear
    • A disclaimer label showing the type, quantity and cost of paint


If you would like to add decorating supplies to your paint display we have created an information sheet on recommended supplies that you can read here.

Good paint display examples:

4 images of neat and tidy paint displays

4 images of neat and tidy paint displays