If you are a community organisation with a building(s) and multiple rooms that need decorating, and would like at least 60 litres plus of paint, or a charity shop that would like to sell some affordable paint, we can help.

We have identified a need to be able to reuse larger quantities of leftover paint that we get offered from a variety of sources. This has enabled us to increase the amount of paint we can divert from the waste stream and to then meet the demand from the community for good quality affordable paint.

Since December 2015, we have upgraded two of our Community RePaint schemes, in Cambridgeshire and on the Wirral, so that we can improve our processes. This is a new initiative to remanufacture sizeable quantities of leftover paint into new good quality paint available in consistent colours, using technology developed by Newlife Paints.

For the first time, we are now able to supply community groups who have responsibility for decorating their premises, with large enough quantities of the same colour, as well as supplying charity shops with paint that they can sell, and all this at very affordable prices.

Do you only need a little paint?

Our remanufactured paint is available to purchase in larger quantities. If you only need a small amount of paint for your home or community project, you should find and contact your nearest scheme to discuss colours and quantities.

What is available?

  • Brilliant white and magnolia plus 18 different colours of interior emulsion paint ranging from neutral to statement shades (tailor made colours may be available). All are available in a matt or silk finish. You can see all the colours in the range here.
  • A maximum quantity of 200 litres, in 5 litre plastic containers.
  • Delivered to your premises by a national network transport company

ReColour price list
There will be an additional fee for delivery which can be confirmed when you have made your order. 

How do I order?

  • Complete the order form below and submit.
  • Within three days, we will contact you to confirm the order, delivery time and actual cost.
  • If you are unsure of what you require or have any questions, please contact Martin Pearse by email or call 0117 914 3450.

Remanufactured paint

If you would like to order large quantities of paint complete our form and we will be in touch to discuss your order