If you are a community organisation with buildings and multiple rooms that need decorating and would like at least 60 litres plus of paint, we can help.  If you are interested in stocking our ReColour paint, please get in touch with us.

What is available?

  • Our ReColour paint is available in Brilliant White, Magnolia and 18 other colours from neutral to statement shades in Matt or Silk emulsion
  • You can see all the colours in the range here. Tailored colours may be available.
  • ReColour is available in 5 litre containers.
  • Our ReColour paint is only available to order if ordering a minimum of at least 60 litres.
  • If you require less than 60 litres of paint, find your nearest Community RePaint who may stock ReColour, or see if there is a ReColour stockist in your area here.
  • Our remanufacturing centres may also have gloss, undercoat, primer and rollers or brushes available. Please request this on your form and subject to availability, they will add this to your order
  • Dispatch will be via a logistics company with an average price of £50, based on an order of up to 400 litres on one pallet, depending on delivery postcode. The exact price will be added to your invoice and agreed with you before you finalise the order.

ReColour price list

Do you only need a little paint?

Our remanufactured paint is only for orders of around 60 litres or more. If you need less than this, please find your nearest scheme who may be able to help, or get in touch with us.

Why did we produce ReColour?

In December 2015, we opened our first Community RePaint remanufacturing centre, as we identified a need to reuse larger quantities of leftover paint,  increasing the amount of paint we can divert from the waste stream and then meeting the demand from the community for good quality affordable paint. Using technology developed by Newlife paints, Community RePaint Cambridgeshire and Community RePaint Wirral remanufacture sizeable quantities of leftover paint into new, good quality ReColour paint available in consistent colours. In 2018 alone, our centres remanufactured 67,000 litres of leftover paint into ReColour.  We update our news and stories section with interesting uses of our ReColour paint, which you can read here.

How do I order?

  • Complete the order form below and submit.
  • Within three days, we will contact you to confirm the order.
  • We will then send your order to one of our remanufacturing centres who will call you to discuss delivery times and exact costs.
  • If you are unsure of what you require or have any questions, please contact Martin Pearse by email or call 0117 914 3450.

Remanufactured paint

If you would like to order large quantities of paint complete our form and we will be in touch to discuss your order