We have a number of community organisations and charity shops already stocking our ReColour paint across the United Kingdom. Why not join the movement and generate more income through sales, and give your customers access to high-quality, affordable paint that is friendly to the planet?

Using innovative technology, which we carry out under licence from Newlife Paints, we are able to take leftover paints, filter, treat and blend them to create a range of high-quality emulsions, masonry and chalky furniture paints.

ReColour paint is available in:


Why Stock ReColour at your business?

  • Create an additional income stream at your shops
  • Provide good quality, affordable paint for your customers
  • Give your customers the option to choose products with a low environmental impact
  • Support our work in community reuse
  • Improve your green credentials

Get in contact

If you would like to find out more and to place an order, please contact our Network Manager, Martin Pearse on 0117 914 3450 or martin.pearse@resourcefutures.co.uk