The 2014 results are in! The litres of paint have been collected, counted and verified by the people who run our 76 schemes. Every can of paint that is brought to one of our schemes, is assessed and recorded, and then again at the point of resale and distribution. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody that helps in this process, so that we can compile our results into this vibrant infographic!Β 

Thanks to all of the individuals, traders, painters and decorators, retailers and manufacturers who have brought paint to the Community RePaint Network. Thanks to all of those who work and volunteer within the Community RePaint Network schemes, working to save paint from going to waste and back into the local community. And thanks to all of those community organisations and third sector groups, who link up with us to get the paint onto the walls of those who need it!

The issues around paint include the environmental cost of paint ending up in the natural environment, the economic cost of incineration of waste paint and the social cost – even paint on sale is expensive!

It’s not just about paint; we recognise that all of your hard work goes towards the social value of improving local communities’ surroundings. We help a wide range of people and groups in the community. It could be an individual being able to get paint that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford and transforming their home environment into somewhere more comfortable. Or a community group, who may be on a budget, being able to redecorate their premises without breaking the bank. It may be a group who what to paint a colourful mural or theatrical set without having to buy tins and tins of new paint!

We’re proud of the work that is put in to making Community RePaint what it is; a simple solution to the problems around paint.


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