There is a whole range of different reasons why your scheme is so important to your local area.

Here are 25 reasons to visit your Community RePaint scheme:

  1. Show the demand for reusable goods. Higher demand means more schemes!
  2. You will be supporting a local organisation…
  3. …who provide support to others in your community…
  4. …and create jobs and training opportunities for local people…
  5. …keeping money in the local economy
  6. An estimated 50 million litres of paint is wasted every year in the UK. You can save this paint from going to landfill or incineration…
  7. …this prevents raw materials, which are a limited resource, from going to waste
  8. …and reduces the environmental impacts of waste disposal…
  9. …which means a healthier planet for everyone.
  10. If the paint is reused rather than disposed of, your local authority will save money which could be spent on other amenities in your community
  11. Get inspired! You might find your new favourite colour…
  12. …Or colours that you didn’t even realise existed.
  13. Entertain yourself with all the weird and wonderful paint names, such as Nacho Cheese, Elephants Breath and Hamster!
  14. You can save money – all paint from our schemes is a maximum of £2 a litre
  15. You might even pick up more paint than you bargained for, which means you can paint more rooms!
  16. Find out how else the scheme can help you. Almost all schemes are a part of a wider organisation, you will find other items and support under the same roof, like furniture, creative resources, job clubs and food banks.
  17. Get exploring! All our schemes are full of personality and character that you can experience first hand
  18. Get involved! Our network wouldn’t exist without its fantastic volunteers who learn new skills at our schemes, do you know someone who could volunteer?
  19. Get talking! Go along to meet local volunteers in your area
  20. Learn something new – Schemes might be running events and workshops that will interest you
  21. Unsure of what paint you need? Our helpful volunteers and guides can help you with this
  22. Get creative! The part full containers at our scheme are perfect for small upcycling and craft projects…
  23. …and many of our schemes upcycle furniture so they can provide guidance and advice…
  24. …or you can pick up a piece of upcycled furniture which they have created.
  25. Support more than the Community RePaint scheme. There are lots of opportunities to support the organisations hosting our schemes through their other projects


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