Community RePaint Bradford are excited to have been nominated to participate in the Niantic Sponsored Location Program on popular game Pokémon GO.

In June, Niantic kicked off the Local Business Recovery Initiative, where they asked all Pokémon GO players to nominate one small and local business to receive complimentary in-game promotion for one year. The initiative has pledged to support 1,000 small and local businesses across the UK, which includes Community RePaint Bradford.

How does it work? In a nutshell, physical locations of local storefronts appear as ‘Pokéstops’ on the Pokémon GO game map, which provides small businesses increase awareness of their location and services, display geo-targeted messaging and offers to nearby players, and create a fun and engaging experience for visiting players. Businesses get more foot-traffic, and players get more in-game opportunities.

The Pokémon GO players of Bradford casted their vote and nominated Community RePaint Bradford to become one of the new ‘Pokéstops’ in the city as part of this initiative. The scheme was nominated by at least one player and was handpicked from tens of thousands of nominations.

Community RePaint Bradford Pokemon Go

Pokémon GO has over 1 billion active players worldwide, which makes this an exciting and prosperous opportunity for Community RePaint Bradford to be part of.

Community RePaint Bradford is one of the largest schemes in the Community RePaint Network. They collect paint from manufacturers, retailers and traders in the area, as well as from the district’s recycling centres where residents can drop off leftover paint.  The paint is then checked to ensure it is suitable for reuse rather than disposed of. Since signing up to the Community RePaint Network in 2001, Community RePaint Bradford has collected over 45,000 litres of paint each year.

Due to the large amount of paint the scheme collects, they always have a large variety of paint types and colours. If you need paint for your home or for a community project, you can make an appointment to choose some paint. Community RePaint Bradford sell paint for £1.50 per litre. You can find all of the details for the scheme here.

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