The Community RePaint network have been colouring communities for 25 years

The idea was first discovered during a pilot project in Leeds,  called the Waste Wagon project, and now we celebrate our 25 year paint anniversay! The Waste Wagon project found that we tend to store large volumes of leftover, reusable paint in our sheds, garages and cupboards. As part of the project, this leftover paint was collected from householders, along with other DIY materials and hazardous items. At the end of the project, the paint was given to local charities and groups, which highlighted the demand for affordable paint amongst these organisations, as well as a need amongst individuals and families on low income. Now, after 25 years, our sponsor Dulux has celebrated with us. Watch the video below to see some of the recent projects we have worked with, and a snapshot of our scheme Community RePaint Bradford. 



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