On Tuesday 20th October 2015, the Community RePaint team joined AkzoNobel for the launch of ReColour, their thought leadership paper, exploring how to divert more leftover paint from landfill and recycle it for re-use by communities and charities across the UK.

Recolour, the thought paper outlines the existing steps AkzoNobel have taken to tackle the 55 million litres of paint which are sent to landfill or incinerated in the UK each year. It also includes a series of recommendations for government and industry in order to fully tackle the issue of paint disposal in the UK.

AkzoNobel (Dulux) have been working with Community RePaint for over 20 years to address the issue of unused, surplus paint. This partnership has enabled our network of paint re-use schemes to develop and grow to over 75 schemes, redistributing over 300,000 litres of paint each year. Later this year we will launch our first ever remanufacturing hub at our scheme in Cambridge which is hosted by CCORRN. The remanufacturing hub has been developed in partnership with AkzoNobel, Newlife Paints and Resource Futures, who manage the Community RePaint Network. The remanufactured paint will be redistributed to charities, community groups and individuals through the Community RePaint Network.

The hub will allow for larger quantities of unused paint to be collected and reprocessed however this alone will not address the huge quantities of re-usable paint which enter the waste stream each year. Through their thought paper AkzoNobel are calling for government and industry to work together and share expertise in order to make a difference to the environment and communities in the UK. The recommendations laid out in the report outline how manufacturers, consumers and government can collectively address the current barriers to paint re-use and remanufacturing.

More details about the launch can be found here.

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