The numbers are in and we are pleased and excited to share the Community RePaint Network’s 2022 statistics.

Over the past year, the network accepted and redistributed a significant volume of reusable paint within communities across the UK. Hard work and resilience across the network resulted in all our Community RePaint schemes continuing to pass on paint for reuse, brightening the spaces and lives of people in their local communities. Here are the numbers:

A poster showing the key statistics from the Community RePaint network for 2022

458,351 litres of leftover, reusable paint was collected by schemes in 2022

285,495 litres of leftover, reusable paint was redistributed by schemes in 2022

Including 116,331 litres of ReColour remanufactured paint was produced in 2022

The continued success of the network would not be possible without the dedication, hard work and resilience of our schemes.

The network welcomed six new schemes in 2022 including:


We look forward to welcoming new schemes in 2023 and Martin Pearse, Community RePaint’s Network Manager, is currently in conversation with numerous prospective organisations and local authorities to further grow the network. If you’re interested in becoming a scheme, read more here. 

Throughout 2022, our schemes have saved customers £1.4 million on average and brightened 189,313 lives through reusing paint rather than buying new. We have seen village halls, primary schools, youth centres, community hubs and homes brightened and transformed with affordable paint accessed through the Community RePaint Network.

290 staff, trainees and volunteers kept our schemes running through 2022. We would like to show our biggest thanks and gratitude towards them – they are the reason the network is having such a large impact in local community across the UK.

Our schemes have also saved 1,237,548kg of carbon emissions by distributing for reuse leftover paint, helping us build a greener future for our planet and communities.

Some notable projects from this year have been:

Photographs of different projects that have taken place during 2022, using leftover paint picked up for reuse from Community RePaint schemes across the country

If you would like to purchase affordable paint, you can find your nearest scheme here. Planning a large scale project? If you require over 60 litres of paint, you can order ReColour remanufactured paint here. If you have paint that you would like to donate, find your nearest drop off point here.


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