Community Scrap Shack, who are located in Stoke-on-Trent, are a not-for-profit organisation that were set up to help reduce the amount of waste that is destined for landfill, including lots of different alternative art materials that are now sold in the scrapstore itself. They have recently joined the Community RePaint network to collect leftover, reuseable paint and redistribute it into the local community at an affordable cost.

Michelle Folkes, the organisations company director, acquired a property that had not been used for a number of years. Michelle’s idea was to purchase this property to create a processing centre to organise the paint collected, separate to the scrapstore.

A local business offered to regenerate the building free of cost. The work was completed over two days, with over 40 of the employees offering to donate their time and energy.  The local business completely redecorated the interior of the building, plumbed a kitchen, installed frosted windows, installed new toilet facilities, revamped the exterior walls and created planting boxes for outdoor space and filling them with colourful plants. The hard work of the local business and the Community Scrap Shack means the local area will benefit from the affordable paint made available from the scrapstore. The project is a great example of demonstrating the importance of community groups working together to help provide more opportunities to those in the areas that surround them.

Processing centre before revamp
Michelle Folkes with the new processing centre

You can download the full case study about the Community Scrap Shack regeneration here.

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