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“When we were creating our eco-conscious party, I was given the challenge of bringing loads of colour to the set design, while staying true to #zerowaste principles. So I was over the moon to discover that @communityrepaint operate a network of paint donation schemes in the UK. Paint isn’t great for the environment, but if you’re going to use it, it is obviously far better to use some old paint that has been donated to a waste recycling centre, rather than just being sent to landfill or incinerated… So, the next time you need paint – for the set-design of an eco-conscious party, or just for decorating your home, get in touch with your #local community repaint scheme for a much more eco-friendly (and wallet-friendly) solution to the issue. And (of course), if you have any paint left over at the end of a job, make sure to donate it so someone else can benefit!”

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