Do you want to be more environmentally conscious this Christmas?

Waste management company Biffa estimates that UK householders produce 30% more waste during the Christmas period, and as consumers, it is our duty to become more sustainable with our waste.

We know it can be hard at this time of the year to watch our spending and buying habits so we have put together a Zero Waste Christmas guide to help you reduce your waste during the festive period. In this post, we’re talking Christmas decorations and encouraging you to create your own homemade DIY Christmas Decorations.

Decorate your house with homemade decorations, using your creative skills and upcycling old materials. We love these cute Santa paintbrushes which you can make with old paintbrushes, leftover paint and a few crafty pieces.

Christmas paintbrushes

[📸 Pinterest]

Or why not take a walk to the local woods and gather up some pinecones to create your own table DIY Christmas decorations? Remember to leave some for the wildlife though! Give your pinecones a wash when you get home, wait for them to dry, and then paint the ends with white paint to give it a wintery feel. You can reuse these again for years to come.

Christmas pinecones with painted tips in white emulsion

Or how do you fancy creating your own edible DIY Christmas decorations? BBC Good Food have delicious recipes, including edible centrepieces and sugar charms – just remember to eat them before they go off!

Cupcake Tree DIY Christas Decoration  Ginger Bread House DIY Christmas Decorations

[📸 BBC Good Food]

Read our other Zero Waste Christmas Guide blogs for more inspiration on how to be more environmentally conscious this Christmas, including DIY Christmas Trees and greeting cards, wrapping alternatives and food waste minimisation.

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