Dulux’s new range of Ecosense paints are the result of a three year, £1 million project to create zero-emission paints. This research identified the sourcing of ingredients and in particular the pigment titanium dioxide was responsible for the major carbon, water and waste impact of paint.

The trade range of Ecosense paints launched in 2008 boasted a 30% reduction in the carbon and water footprint, whilst “The newly launched Ecosense range is aimed at retail customers. It has a carbon and water footprint half those of the standard emulsion, contains minimal VOCs and its production generates 40% less waste.” This is thanks in part to a reduction in the amount of titanium dioxide used.

Ecosense paint is also less odourous than other paints and the containers are “…lighter and easier to clean. For Ecosure, they contain 25% recycled plastic. Rolled out across all products this should save 140 tonnes of plastic and 270t of carbon dioxide annually.”

Dulux are also working to establish a take-back scheme for trade customers and, through trials with Carillion (one of their largest customers), have redesigned brush-washing machines so that the water is recycled.

The ENDS Report, Issue 421, February 2010, pp.29-30.

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