Do you know about our Community RePaint Bradford?

Community RePaint Bradford opened their doors in 2001 and since then have worked in their community in many ways. In 2017 alone, they diverted over 64,000 litres of reusable paint from the waste stream which improved the wellbeing of over 21,000 people across Bradford. Paint can be purchased from them for just £1.50 per litre and there is a variety of colours and types available.

They collect from eight Household Waste Recycling Centres in the region, where householders can drop off their paint to be reused rather than the paint sitting in sheds, garages and cupboards. As well as sourcing paint from householders in the region, they can also accept paint from local painters, retailers and manufacturers for a small fee which can cover the cost of processing the paint for reuse. If you are a householder and live in Bradford you can find your nearest drop off point through our website. 

Paint display at Community RePaint Bradford

One of their notable projects worked in the city centres of Bradford in the Jacobs Well Subway, where the area was transformed from a dull, dark space to a celebratory selection of well-known people and landmarks from Bradford dating the past 100 years. The team of artists were those that were volunteers and long-term unemployed and the project really highlighted how surplus projects can be reused rather than wasted.  They project was then featured in a Guardian article ‘Colouring the community: “To throw away paint is an environmental crime”.

Community mural in Bradford underpass
Not only do they collect reusable paint, they also offer a decorating service to individuals and community groups. You can find all the details for Bradford on our website, and you can also find out where to drop off your paint if you are a householder. To find out more about the services they offer, you can contact the scheme or book an appointment to collect paint during there opening hours here.

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