Over 150 children a week will benefit from the newly decorated Redfearn’s Junior Football Club. Opting to use ReColour remanufactured paint, the club saved money while also choosing an environmentally friendly solution.

Redfearn’s Junior Football Club, based in Barnsley, has used ReColour remanufactured paint to revamp their grounds. Contacting Community RePaint in September, they needed affordable masonry and emulsion paint in a large quantity. Community RePaint Wirral was on the case, providing advice and a quick turnaround. The clubhouse received 85 litres of emulsion and masonry ReColour remanufactured paint.

Recolour remanufactured paint used on club house

This was to update the clubhouses, changing rooms and brighten the lines on the pitches. The clubhouse and changing rooms were treated to ReColour silver sonnet masonry paint, while ReColour brilliant white emulsion paint was used for the lines on the pitch.

“The coverage of the paint is brilliant – our groundsman was more than happy with the ReColour paint.”

recolour remanufactured paint used on football pitch

Each week the club has over 150 children attending football coaching sessions and matches, making it a huge asset to the local community. Redfearn Junior Football club was delighted with the results, and have been able to save money in the process. They said:

“Thanks ever so much for the scheme it’s invaluable for clubs like ours which has 150 youngsters weekly attending football coaching sessions and matches. We rely on volunteers and support like you gave us.”

ReColour remanufacture paint

ReColour was the perfect option for the club. Using innovative technology,  leftover paints is filtered, treated and blended to create a range of high-quality paint in large quantities. Since 2015, over 500 organisations have ordered ReColour paint, including charities, schools, community organisations and religious groups.

Do you run or know of a community organisation that would benefit from affordable ReColour paint? Find out more about ReColour here.

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