A spectacular Christmas lights display at a Wolverhampton house that was set up in honour of a poorly youngster’s battle against illness has brought in more than £750 in a week.

One of Community RePaint Black Counry’s regular customers, Stuart Bibb, has been very busy this holiday raising hundreds for his 11-year-old neighbour Daniel Evans, who is having treatment at Great Ormond Street Hospital, after undergoing a heart transplant. Stuart frequently visited host scrapstore, SCARF, in the run-up to Christmas to access paint and materials to make his “Frozen” themed Christmas display. We were thrilled to see how successful the results were and to hear of people’s generous donations for Daniel!

Stuart Bibb constructed the giant Frozen-themed display in the front garden of his house in Wentworth Road, Bushbury, after he was inspired by his 11-year-old neighbour Daniel Evans, who is having treatment at Great Ormond Street Hospital after undergoing a heart transplant.

Featuring a 25ft tall castle and more than 4,000 LED lights, the display has proved to be a major hit with the public, with people travelling from all over the Black Country to catch a glimpse of Elsa and Anna’s magical stronghold.

Mr Bibb said the attraction has proved so popular that he has taken to standing in the front garden of his house between 4.30pm and 9pm at night to answer questions from visitors.

“It has crazy,” said the 42-year-old. “We have had so many people coming around from all over the place. I was answering the door every five minutes, so now I just stand out the front.”

Mr Bibb said one man was so impressed by the castle that he gave £100. “The generosity of people has been overwhelming,” he added.

“At this rate we will hit the £1,000 mark soon which I never thought would be possible.”

Mr Bibb spent more than £300 creating the giant castle and display, which features around 4,000 LED lights, took two weeks to set up and costs £7 a night to run.

He spent a further four days building the castle and a 5ft stage, using a mixture of perspex and plywood. But Mr Bibb said his efforts have been worthwhile, with donations flooding in from generous passers by.

“I always decorate the house and this year a friend said I should do something a bit different and possibly for charity,” said the 42-year-old.

“I heard about Daniel and what his parents Simon and Rachael were going though so I wanted to do something to help them and the hospital. Seeing that all the kids are talking about it I decided to make it a Frozen-themed castle.

“I started putting the lights up in November, before any neighbours had, and just got to work. I ended up having to build the castle in the front garden because it was too big for the garage. It was a lot of work, but it was definitely worth it.

“There are so many lights and I had to drill a hole in the castle for each one.”

The lights have become an attraction in the Northwood Park area of Bushbury, with people making trips from other areas of the city to see the creation for themselves.

Mr Bibb added: “The reaction has been fantastic, we have a sign out the front asking for donations and we raised over £250 in less than a week. I don’t think my two youngest children have ever been so popular in school. They’ve got a Frozen castle in their garden.”

Original article from Express and Star online.

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