Ah! The roar of the crowd. The smell of the greasepaint. It’s that time of year; when performers across the country – from pre-schoolers to professionals – prepare their stage sets for plays, pantos and productions. And Community RePaint, the UK-wide paint reuse network, is on-hand to help with leftover, re-usable paint. Oh yes it is!

We were very happy when Community RePaint was able to support us with paint for the scenery for Cinderella,” said Paul McDermott, Events and Fundraising Officer, Linkskill and North Tyneside Community Development Trust, “And, we hope they’ll be able to supply us with paint for many more productions to come.”

Another recipient of re-usable paint was Bromyard Road Methodist Church, Worcester, which performed Oliver! to sell-out audiences for four consecutive nights – thanks to the supporting role played by the paint from Community RePaint Worcester. The Church puts on a full programme of shows, revues and cabaret evenings and its monthly ‘messy church’ craft sessions often mean asking for more. Community RePaint Worcester is happy to help, and has supplied Bromyard Road Methodist with litres and litres of paint over the last three years.

Community RePaint schemes collect unwanted, surplus paint and re-distribute it to community groups, individuals and families in need, improving the wellbeing of people and the appearance of places across the UK. There are 66 Community RePaint schemes across the UK that take donations of emulsion, gloss and tile paint, eggshell, undercoat, primer, masonry and floor paint, exterior paint, varnishes and wood stain and satin paint. Unfortunately, greasepaint is not accepted!

“This is a great opportunity for all sorts of community groups, as well as families, who often have limited resources, to access good quality paint, which can make such a difference at home or on the stage,” said Community RePaint Network Manager Martin Pearse. Do you need paint? If your play, panto or community project needs paint, get in touch with your nearest scheme by clicking on www.communityrepaint.org.uk/need-paint/ and entering your postcode.

If you are a family or individual on a low income you can also receive paint from your local Community RePaint scheme, visit the website or call us, 0113 200 3959 for more information.

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