Locals from a small beachside town in the northwest of Scotland have transformed their local facilities using ReColour remanufactured paint.

After the Cullens beach facility and toilets were closed in June 2018, a group of locals rallied together to revive them. Led by Friends of Cullen, the community worked together to get the local public toilet facilities back open and used ReColour remanufactured paint to bring them back to life. The newly renovated facility has enabled everyone to enjoy the spectacular area and spend their entire day there.

Cullen community toilets painted with ReColour remanufactured paint

With only a small budget, the group needed an affordable solution to paint the facilities. Community RePaint Wirral was on the job, providing Friends of Cullen with helpful advice and the perfect paint.

As it was such a large project, ReColour remanufactured paint became the best option. Produced in larger quantities, ReColour is created from leftover paints, filtered, treated and blended to create a range of high-quality emulsions, masonry and chalk furniture paint. Since 2015, over 500 community organisations have ordered ReColour. Friends of Cullen chose the exact colours and quantity of interior and exterior paint and had it delivered straight to their door.

ReColour remanufactured paint being used on the updated toilets

Once the paint arrived, the project could begin. With all hands on deck, both the interior and exterior of the toilets got a fresh coat of paint… although they weren’t quite finished just yet. The children from the local primary school wanted to add something special. Each child painted what Cullen meant to them on a tile. Now fully open for the public to see, both the facilities and beautiful artwork bring a spark of joy to everyone who visits.

Cullen primary school childrens tiles

Annie Corcoran from the group had this to say about the project:

‘We are delighted and it really got the whole community involved. Thank you so much for the paint.’

Do you know a charity or community that could benefit from affordable paint? Find out more about ReColour here.Β 

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