We are excited that a range of UK festivals have used ReColour, our remanufactured paint, at their festivals this season.

Shambala, Boomtown and Latitude all use ReColour paint at their festivals. Shambala Festival is well known for its commitment to environmental sustainability and its colourful creations, Boomtown for its intricate stages and street designs and Latitude for its range of music, theatre, dance and film.

Festivals use cheap and environmentally friendly ReColour paint.

ReColour is great for painting backdrops, fencing and props, available in Matt and Silk emulsion. All festivals were extremely happy with the paint, and boasted the value of money the paint offers.

Festivals use cheap and environmentally friendly ReColour paint.

If your festival or event uses paint, why not try ReColour? Firstly it diverts reusable paint from the waste stream. Secondly, it provides the community with good quality and low-cost paint. Thirdly, ReColour is available in a range of neutral and bold shades. Get in touch with us to find out more, or visit our ReColour page.

A selection of low cost and eco ReColour emulsion paint on a shelf.

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