Next, the renowned fashion and homeware retailer, has demonstrated its commitment to making a positive impact by donating its surplus paint to a number of our Community RePaint schemes. 

After realizing they had 398 tins of emulsion paint that they were unable to use, Next reached out to us to see if the paint could find a new home through the Community RePaint network. Five of our schemes took in the paint; Hull and Humber, Bristol City, Glasgow, Liverpool and Thurrock meaning that none of it was wasted.

This saved 1,990 litres of paint from going to waste and more importantly is now being sold at an affordable price to individuals and groups in these areas of the UK. Whether it’s sprucing up a community center, refreshing a shelter, brightening a school environment, or redecorating a home, donated paint can transform spaces and brighten the lives of those who use them.

We’d all rather there was less waste, but we’re also wanting to champion businesses who deal with waste responsibly- so our big thanks to Next for your donation and demonstrating how corporate companies can commit to environmental and social good!

Some of the paint is already brightening walls in this home in Bristol!

Do you have surplus paint you’re looking to pass on to a good cause? Whether it’s 5 tins or 5,000 tins, we’re keen to stop it going to waste and see it brightening lives. Click here to tell us all about it.


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