Community RePaint strongly supported Recycle Week 2015 by ramping up social media engagement promoting Community RePaint as an option for reusable, surplus paint.

The theme this year was ‘recycling around the home’, which focussed on encouraging everybody to think about other areas of their houses which might be places you can find materials for recycling – like all those plastic bottles from your bathroom! With this in mind, we wanted everybody to consider those nooks and crannies that might have perfectly good, but unwanted paint in them – under the stairs, the garden shed, that cupboard where things get shoved in and forgotten about.

The Welsh Government has sustainable development at the heart of all of its policies and agendas, to ensuring that Wales’ natural beauty and resources are safeguarded for the future generations.

As part of Recycle Week 2015, the Welsh Assembly Minister for Natural Resources, Carl Sargeant, visited CRAFT, who host Community RePaint Aberystwyth. CRAFT not only collect and redistribute surplus paint for Community RePaint, they are an independent, not-for-profit reuse organisation for all sorts of domestic items and find them a new home.

The CRAFT mantra is ‘reduce, reuse, re-enjoy’ which looks to reduce the amount of unnecessary waste that finds its way to landfill – or that just likes to lurk forever and ever in the back of your cupboard! CRAFT also provide free items to local charities and groups, and work with Ceredigion Social Services and other agencies to provide their clients with vital homeware. CRAFT staff work in an educational capacity in the local area on thinking a little more green. CRAFT can help out with a variety of projects; from teaching primary pupils about recycling, guiding secondary and NVQ pupils on placements; to discussing our sustainable architecture and biomass boiler with postgrads.

Welsh Minister for Natural Resources, Carl Sargeant (centre) with CRAFT’s Director, Cliff Pope (left) and Project Manager, Allison Cann (right)

Carl Sargeant, Minister for Natural Resources said:

“It’s a real pleasure to see firsthand the excellent work being done here by CRAFT. Through collecting unwanted everyday household items, they are providing affordable, sustainable furniture for local communities – creating jobs, volunteer opportunities and training in the process.

“Recycling rates in Wales are the best in UK and fourth best in Europe. We can be proud of the platform our outstanding recycling performance provides but it is something which must be built on if we are to see the sustainable, zero waste, green Wales which we are committed to delivering for our future generations.

“This scheme is a perfect example of the enormous economic and social benefits and opportunities that reducing and reusing waste can bring”

It’s great news to hear that senior members of the Welsh Government are endorsing one of Community RePaint’s schemes. We would like to take this opportunity to thank CRAFT for their continued work for Community RePaint Aberystwyth and hope that this publicity brings you more paint and more community groups and local people using the scheme.

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