WRAP today welcomed the Government decision that WRAP will lead the development of a single point of contact for advice and support services on resource efficiency.

WRAP believes that by joining forces the organisations delivering resource efficiency programmes will provide better and more efficient services to consumers, local authorities and businesses. Over the next year, WRAP will work with Defra policy teams to decide what needs to be done and how this should be delivered using the mix of skills and resources from all the organisations.

From April 2010, WRAP will be responsible for delivering these services.

WRAP CEO Liz Goodwin said: “We welcome this opportunity to lead a single organisation for resource efficiency. This decision is a vote of confidence in WRAP and will make it less confusing for business to access the wide range of resource efficiency programmes on offer.

“We believe it will help bring clarity for those seeking advice and support on resource efficiency – many of whom have already said they would prefer to deal with one organisation.

“It also provides an opportunity for economies of scale as we will now share services and support over a wider range of activities than WRAP or any other organisation has been able to achieve to date.”

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