Why work with us

Each year, an estimated 50 million litres of the 320 million litres of paint sold in the UK goesΒ to waste. This figure becomes more significant when you consider that it could be reused and repurposed through the Community RePaint network to support individuals and families in need as well as a variety of community groups.

Across the UK our schemes work with local authorities, manufacturers, retailers and business to collect leftover, reusable paint, offering a viable alternative to paint disposal. They also work with housing associations, local authorities and charity retailers to provide paint for their tenants, the properties they manage or the shops they run.


The benefits
  • Prevent a valuable resource from going to waste
  • Reduce your paint disposal or procurement costs
  • Improve your green credentials
  • Support a local reuse organisation
  • Benefit your local community
  • Generate positive stories
Join the network

If you would like to join the network we can help you to set up and develop a scheme

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Local Authorities & Waste Management Companies

We can work with you to reuse paint from the HWRCs that you manage

Reuse the paint you collect
Housing Associations

We can provide you and your tenants with low cost, good quality paint for your properties

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Businesses & Traders

If you have regular, large quantities of leftover paint in one or more locations, our schemes can help

Pass paint on
Charity Retailers

Our ReColour paint range is available for you to stock, providing your customers with low cost, good quality paint

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