Reusing your leftover paint

Do you have regular, large amounts of good quality paint that is leftover from your projects, maintenance work, manufacturing processes or retail outlets? We can work with you to find an alternative solution to disposing of the paint, providing it is reusable.

We work with national retailers and businesses to donate their leftover paint whether it’s end of line, mis-tinted or damaged stock, that is still reusable. We can match the paint with a local scheme, or establish multiple links across the UK to provide a long term, feasible solution.

Why you should work with us

  • Prevent a valuable resource from going to waste
  • Reduce your paint disposal costs
  • Improve your green credentials
  • Support a local reuse organisation
  • Benefit your local community
  • Generate positive stories


Service charges

Our schemes will negotiate a service charge for collecting paint for reuse. This will cover the operational cost of providing the collection service. The charges will be considerably less than the cost of commercially disposing of the paint. In all the areas where schemes currently collect paint regularly from business and the trade, they are able to provide cost savings, which alongside the environmental and social benefits provides a triple win for the case for reuse.

Get in contact

If would like to donate your leftover paint and want to find out more contact our Network Manager, Martin Pearse, on 0117 914 3450 or