Providing paint for your properties

If you are a local authority or housing association and require paint for your tenants or the properties that you manage, we can work with you. Our schemes are able to provide large quantities of affordable paint and our remanufactured paint, ReColour, can also meet demands for large quantities of consistent colours.

Community RePaint schemes within the network are already working with their local housing associations. Building on their success and experience, we can provide you with paint for your maintenance teams, or look to match you with your local scheme who can provide paint directly to your tenants via voucher schemes or decorating boxes, so that they are equipped to maintain their properties:

  1. Paint for your maintenance teams

We can provide large quantities of paint which can be used by your maintenance teams. Depending on your needs, we can supply large quantities of the same coloursΒ  to ensure consistency across your properties.

  1. Vouchers exchangeable for paint

If you currently give, or would like to give your tenants vouchers to maintain their own properties, we can arrange for these to be redeemable at your nearest scheme. Tenants can then come and choose paint up to the specified value, or quantity of the voucher.

  1. Decorating boxes

Some schemes can also supply decorating boxes on a referral basis. In addition to paint, the boxes will provide the full set of materials required to decorate the property to a high standard. This can include items such as brushes, rollers, trays, dust sheets and other accessories. Tenants can pick them up from their nearest scheme, you can collect the boxes yourselves or schemes may be able to deliver the boxes.

Why work with us

  • Reduce your paint procurement costs
  • Support a local reuse organisation
  • Improve your green credentials
  • Benefit your local community
  • Generate positive stories


Get in contact

To find out if we have a scheme in your area who can work with you, or for more information, contact our Network Manager, Martin Pearse, on 0117 914 3450 or