Householders waste 40 litres of paint every minute in the UK. We want to prevent this from happening, by having a drop-off point to recycle leftover paint at all Household Waste Recycling Centre sites in the UK. You can help us do this by letting your local authority know that you’d like a Community RePaint scheme in your area. Download the letter template here, or copy and paste the below text into an email to help us recycle paint:

Dear [NAME],

Following a recent spring clean, I found that I had a number of tins of domestic paint many of which were either part or nearly full.  Hence, as a resident of [BOROUGH/COUNTY] I contacted yourselves/ visited [NAME OF] household waste and recycling centre to dispose of them and was disappointed to be told/ find that we have no choice but to simply throw this paint away despite it being in a perfectly usable condition.

Whilst looking for alternatives I found that in other authorities it is possible to pass this paint on for reuse, through the Community RePaint network ( As this seems to offer a solution that is better for the environment and according to the Community RePaint website, also offers social and economic benefits, I wondered if there are any plans for [LOCAL AUTHORITY] to work with the Community RePaint network to provide a sustainable alternative to paint disposal?

Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely,