Operating a paint delivery service is likely to not only attract more customers to your scheme but improve your bottom line.

Every year more and more customers are choosing to order online and opting for home delivery for convenience, and in today’s uncertain climate it makes sense for many businesses to start diversifying.

To ensure a smooth a service as possible for both your customers and your staff you will need to ensure that you:

  1. Have enough paint to cater to the demand
  2. Arrange logistics
  3. Advertise your service

Do I have enough paint?

Ideally you will have a contract in place with the local Household Waste and Recycling Centre(s) (HWRCs) to ensure you have a steady stream of paint, or you will be a reseller of ReColour. You will need to be prepared to inform customers over the phone or email what paint you have instore and take photos when required so they know what they are ordering.


Do you have a vehicle to use for deliveries, a driver and business insurance? If so, you are one step closer to operating a delivery system. Decide on how far you are prepared to deliver, calculate the costs associated with deliveries (staff, vehicle, petrol, time) and what days/times you will be able to deliver. If a customer is unhappy with their product will you offer refunds or

Advertise your service

Share your new service on your website and social media channels. Visit our social media page for tips on how to write engaging content to attract your customers. You can also set-up location targeted adverts on Facebook and Google search, this will help reach the people in your delivery area ensuring you are targeting the right people.

Communicate delivery procedure

Use your website and social media accounts to talk about the delivery hand-off procedures you have in place (as of right now, most third-party delivery services are mandating couriers to leave deliveries at the door and never come in physical contact with the customer).