Community RePaint can supply you with ReColour paint at affordable prices, in a range of colours and in large quantities, for you to sell at your scheme!

Our Community RePaint schemes Wirral and Cambridgeshire can supply you with up to 200 litres of the same colour. The cost of the paint starts at £0.90 per litre for white and magnolia matt emulsion, and £1.20 for colours. As an example, a 5 litre container of matt white emulsion will start at £4.50 and colours will start at £6.00, plus delivery costs which on average will be £45 per pallet.

Colour range

In addition to the colours shown it is possible to produce custom colours on request.

Price List


Colour Type 5 litres 
White, Magnolia and Miss Maggie Matt £4.50
White, Magnolia and Miss Maggie Silk £5.00
Colours Matt £6.00
Colours Silk £7.00


Dispatch will be via Pallet Networks with an average price of £45, inclusive of VAT, based on an order of up to 400 litres on one pallet, depending on delivery postcode. The exact price will be added to your invoice and agreed with you before you finalise the order.

Ordering ReColour

To order ReColour for your scheme, please complete the order form and email to

If you have any questions before ordering, please telephone Martin on 0117 914 3450.

We aim to respond and confirm your order within 2 working days and subject to stock availability dispatch within 7 working days. If the paint finish or colour is not immediately available, we will contact you to discuss alternatives.


  • Orders under 100 litres (20 containers) may be subject to a £10 pallet and packing charge
  • A standard 120 cm x 100 cm pallet can hold 400 litres in 5 litre containers (80 containers) and will come securely shrink wrapped and is classified due to the weight as a full pallet by the pallet courier
  • Please make sure you have the facilities (pump truck or by hand) to unload the vehicle as failed deliveries will be charged at the full delivery charge applied by the delivery company
  • Pre-booked collections are available so if you want to collect the paint please call.

Invoicing and Payment

Your invoice including the delivery charge will be emailed and posted out to your address within 2 weeks of the order with the agreed payment terms which is 30 days.