Proper Job Resource Centre Ltd

Proper Job Resource Centre CIOCrannafords Industrial ParkChagfordDevonTQ13 8DR
Opening times
July - October, Tuesday - Saturday: 9:30am - 5pmNovember - June, Tuesday - Saturday: 9:30am - 4:30pm
This scheme offers:
Volunteer opportunitiesCan collect full cans of paint from business/retail/trade (contact scheme for details)Full cans of paint

About the scheme

Proper Job, a community recycling centre, run our scheme in West Devon. They joined the network in 1996. Proper Job encourages the re-use of many different and useful items from reclaimed building materials, furniture, electrical, clothes, tools book and much more.

The scheme collects full containers from paint from traders, retailers and manufacturers in the region.

Paint is available for individuals and groups to purchase for £1 a litre for part tins or £2 per litre for new unused paint. If you need paint you can contact them directly to find out more or go along when they are open.

If you need larger quantities of paint for a community project you can also order our remanufactured paint from us centrally. Find out more here.