The History of ReColour Paints

In December 2015, we launched our first Community RePaint remanufacturing centre at Community RePaint Cambridgeshire, which was quickly followed by our second remanufacture centre at Community RePaint Wirral in 2016.

The remanufacturing centres have allowed us to take the next step in paint reuse, as we identified a need to reuse larger quantities of leftover paint. This allowed us to increase the amount of paint we can divert from the waste stream and meet the demand from the community for high-quality, affordable paint available in larger quantities.

Community RePaint staff member standing in front of ReColour emulsion in Brilliant White and holding a leaflet that reads 'Do you need paint?'

Using technology developed by Newlife paints, the two remanufacture centres in Cambridgeshire and Wirral work hard all year round to remanufacture sizeable quantities of leftover paint into new, good quality ReColour paint. The paint is available in 20+ consistent colours, with the remanufacturing centres also providing tailored colours available on request.

In 2021 alone, our centres remanufactured almost 100,000 litres of leftover paint into ReColour. Customers include community organisations, charities, schools and religious venues to name a few.

A selection of ReColour emulsion in a range of colours from Roman Red to Gorgeous Grey.

Going Forward

The future is only looking up for ReColour paints. Each year, our remanufacture centres continue their hard work to remanufacture sizeable quantities of leftover paint, with each year producing more than the previous. New colours are always being explored, offering more options for the continuously growing number of customers.

Order ReColour Paints

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