Community RePaint Lowestoft was a finalist in the Lowestoft & Waveney Gala Business Awards, for their incredible work throughout the pandemic.

Community RePaint Lowestoft joined the network in the summer of 2020, hosted by the Re-Utilise Resource Centre. They are a Scrapstore and Community RePaint scheme, as well as providing art and craft workshops for the disadvantaged. Since opening in July 2020, they have prevented over 1,700 litres of paint from going to waste.

The Suffolk Chamber of Commerce took notice of their incredible work and nominated them for three business awards, including Community Pride Award, New Business Award and lastly an Environmental Business Award, in which they were one of two finalists. Carol Dean, manager of Community RePaint Lowestoft said: “it was such an achievement to just be nominated, but to hear we were a finalist for the Environmental Award was incredible.”

 Lowestoft award

Carol, along with her team and close friends and family, attended the 13th Lowestoft & Waveney Gala Business Awards and swapped their paint overalls for more accustomed attire for the evening. Just missing out on winning, the team were honoured to be a finalist, and are still seeing this as a huge achievement for the organistation.

Community Repaint Lowestoft at an awards ceremony

Community RePaint Lowestoft has had a huge impact on its local area in a short space of time. Some of the amazing work they have done recently includes donating paint to the local Community Pantry, where anyone can get access to food for the week for as little and £3. They have also provided low-income tenants with free paint to decorate with, making their house feel like a home. The impact the scheme has had on the community has been huge, clearly recognised by the award ceremony. The team are planning much more for 2022.

Leftover paint Cheshire

Community RePaint Lowestoft adult workshop A workshop for vulnerable adults run by Community RePaint Lowestoft. 

If you are looking for affordable paint in the Lowestoft area, you can find out more about the scheme and how to purchase paint from £2 a litre here.

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