The congregation of the New Life Baptist Church in Guildford was thrilled to win their bid to become the custodians of a newly built community centre in the North of the city. But, before they could open their doors to the local community they still needed to fit out the interior of the building.

Keen to open the centre by the end of September but with their funds already stretching to cover the essential work being carried out by a team of builders, decorating was going to be dependent on finding a team of eager volunteers and being able to source enough paint for over 400 square metres!

A small church with a big heart for the local community, the congregation of New Life Baptist had expected that finding sufficient paint would be harder than finding enthusiastic volunteers. “Our members have worked tirelessly and given sacrificially of their time and their income to make this happen. So to then discover Community Repaint… that has really helped take the strain off our hard earned finances”, explained Janet Wilkinson, a member of the Church after Community RePaint Basingstoke was able to supply over 230 litres of paint to their project; paint which would have otherwise gone to waste.

Janet went on to say, “We were delighted to have enough paint to decorate both floors of the centre, and even more so when we found that over 40 litres of the paint was the same blue as the church’s logo!”

The Q.E. Park Centre officially opened at the beginning of December and will offer “drop-in” coffee mornings, a 66 We were delighted… even more so parent and toddler group, keep fit when we found that over 40 litres classes and a permanent home for the church.

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