Community RePaint West Devon, hosted by Proper Job, a community run not-for-profit enterprise, has managed to raise £8000 to buy a new van. This new van is vital to Proper Job’s future as it means the enterprise can carry on collecting bulky recyclable items from around the county, as their old van is in dire need of being recycled itself!

The campaign received a lot of support from Chagford’s local community and surrounding areas. Proper Job is an extremely important resource for the small rural Dartmoor town. While recycling is at the heart of Proper Job’s operation, the retail income from selling on high-quality but bulky items such as Rayburn ovens, furniture and homemade organic compost, means the enterprise can afford to employ over 7 local people. And of course Proper Job accept and distribute reuseable paint!

Last Christmas pledgers could donate anything from £5 to £1,500 and receive services in exchange. These varied from Artisan Bread Making Sessions, Silver Jewellery Making Workshop, Composting Workshop and Knife Sharpening demonstration to name but a few.

Alison Sallis the site manager says that ‘Now that Proper Job is back on the road we plan to double the amount of waste that we divert from landfill by 2017. We also aim to be able to create more local jobs for young people.’

‘Although there is a growing network of community driven projects – some just composting, some just doing reuse, others involved in growing and selling local produce and many more – there are none quite like Proper Job.’ Alison continued.

The campaign initially started with a 20k online target for a brand new van however this target was lowered to £5000 due to lots of off line donations, and potential to get a good quality second hand van. The second hand van fits the PJ ethos of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The new Iveco Daily Box Van has a tail lift and is perfect for what Proper Job needs it for.

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