Refurnish opened in Doncaster in 2003, with the ambition of preventing perfectly functional furniture from ending up as waste. They began to run their scheme Community RePaint Doncaster in 2004 and since then has been a real asset to their community, supplying not only paint but volunteer and work experience.

On the BBC Sheffield Radio Toby at Breakfast Show, Andy Kershaw a reporter on BBC Radio Sheffield interviewed Tim Jones, who had benefited from Community RePaint Doncaster, as a flood damaged the property he was issued after struggling with a mental health disorder.

Kerry, who runs Community RePaint Doncaster, said that they currently have around 2000 paint tins at their Carcroft shop currently. She, of course, could help Tim with the emulsion, undercoat and gloss he needed to redecorate. Tim finalised the interview by saying

‘Basically, what we see here is just like any kind of paint shop really. It’s just some of the cans have been used, and there are drips down the tins, but that’s what it’s all about. I know I’ll be able to get sorted out here. I am absolutely pleased, and I’m just overwhelmed. We’ve got trade emulsions, all different brands reclaimed gloss, paint. It’s been enormously helpful.”

Tim who source paint from Community RePaint Doncaster said: I know I'll be able to get sorted out here. I am absolutely pleased, and I'm just overwhelmed. We've got trade emulsions, all different brands reclaimed gloss paint. It's been enormously helpful."

Follow this link to listen to the interview from 30 minutes and 40 sections in.

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