There are lots of alternatives to keep costs down for the environment and our wallets when redecorating.

The Daily Mail featured Community RePaint in their article on eco-friendly home renovation options to save money and the environment. We were featured alongside innovative companies, such as English Salvage (known for being the UK’s best-stocked reclamation yards) co-founder Rupert Woods said:

“From an ecological perspective, you can’t beat re-using or repurposing an existing product, be it a door, wooden flooring or bricks. In many cases, you are also preventing something being sent to landfill”

Upcycled lampshades from kitchen colanders.

Pendant lights from reclamation yard English Salvage

Other businesses featured include:

Redecorating paint project of a kitchen design featured in Daily Mail article on home renovation. Ex-display model from the Used Kitchen Company.


Ex-display model from the Used Kitchen Company

You can read the full Daily Mail article here.

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