Concerned for the environment yet generating a steady stream of reusable, leftover paint the team at House and Garden (a popular interiors and lifestyle magazine) were excited to find out that they could donate their paint to Community RePaint.

In addition to the homes shown in the magazine, the team at House and Garden are continuously creating roomsets to inspire over half a million readers every month, as well as painting  the backdrops for product photo shoots. As a result, the magazine regularly has paint leftover for which they no longer have a use.

In the past, this paint had simply been thrown away, but then in summer 2012 Ruth Sleightholme, Assistant Decoration Editor at House and Garden, came across Community RePaint.

“I had been searching for a more cost-effective solution for disposing of our leftover paint for a while. When Community RePaint popped up, it seemed like the perfect solution, especially as all the paint we have left over is still perfectly good to use,” explained Ruth. “Now, instead of throwing our paint away we donate it to our local Community RePaint scheme.”

The scheme, Community RePaint Hackney, has been able to pass the paint on for use by community groups, schools and families in the local area. Hence, House and Garden’s donations have also helped the magazine to fulfil its commitment to being socially responsible.

“House and Garden has been great to work with,” said Morris Bennett, Manager of Community RePaint Hackney, “The paint is always in excellent condition and has meant that we’ve been able to help even more people to brighten their surroundings!”


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