Community RePaint Nottinghamshire is run by Nottinghamshire County Council. Members of the public in Nottinghamshire can drop off paint to local recycling centres, where the paint then redistributed to individuals or community groups in need for free. 

If you live in Nottinghamshire, the last free paint event for members of the public in 2017 will be 26 October at Calverton Recycling Centre. Appointments are available between 3.30 – 5.30pm and must be booked in  advance by calling 0200 5008080. Community groups and non-profit organisations can collect free reusable paint from our schemes in Nottinghamshire all year round by booking an appointment using this form.

Only residents of Nottinghamshire are able to access the free paint at this public event.  If you are not a resident in Nottinghamshire, find your nearest Community RePaint schemes here. 

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