First day back at school and no doubt children across the country are already looking forward to break time, but all too often the expanse of grey tarmac, better known as the playground, is far from exciting or inspiring. Many schools are keen to improve these grey and uninviting spaces and create areas which are welcoming and stimulating, but often the cost of materials prevents such projects from getting off the ground.

However, when the staff and pupils at Baden Powell Primary school in Tremorfa, Cardiff return to school this week they will find this does not have to be the case. Thanks to a team of volunteers and the local Community RePaint scheme, their dull playground and pre-fab nursery building have been transformed with a colourful, space-themed mural.

“Often, once a group has decided on the design for their mural, they find that they need to buy a whole range of colours, the cost of which soon adds up, even if they will only be using a small amount of each colour. This is where Community RePaint can really help as our schemes collect reusable, leftover paint, which means we can supply a whole range of colours to good causes for a minimal cost,” said Clair Lloyd, Community RePaint Programme Coordinator.

So, if you know of a playground that needs painting, a classroom that needs colour or have paint to donate visit to find your nearest scheme. Download the Cardiff case study on the link attached.

Before painting


After painting
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