We’re here to help inspire you to get crafty and creative with some spooky and scary but sustainable Halloween DIY!Β 

Think paint tins, not pumpkins!

Did you know 14.5 million pumpkins go to waste in the UK each Halloween? This year, think paint tins not pumpkins, do some Halloween DIY and repurpose and upcycle empty paint tins into hauntingly delightful lanterns and decorations! You can then reuse these each year going forward.

Halloween themed upcycled paint tins Halloween themed upcycled paint tinsπŸ“· Jolly Mom / πŸ“· Tonya Staab


Click here for a simple step-by-step Halloween DIY guide by Jolly Mom all to do with how to upcycle spooky paint tins yourself.

Halloween themed upcycled paint tins Halloween themed upcycled paint tinsπŸ“· Pinterest /πŸ“· Chicken Scratch NY

Some of our schemes are run by Scrapstores, and may have empty tins, along with leftover paint. You may also be able to pick up additional materials and fabrics to help create your perplexing Halloween DIY pieces!

Click here to find your nearby Community RePaint scheme, and check out the additional information on their scheme page to find out what else the host organisation does.

Level up the traditional pumpkin carve

If you’d rather opt for an alternative approach to a a more traditional Halloween activity then pick up a pumpkin, hollow out the inside and paint your work of art onto the pumpkin’s skin! Click here for some painted pumpk-inspiration.

Pumpkins decorated with affordable paint Pumpkins decorated with affordable paintπŸ“· Drew Hays / πŸ“· Brian Wegman

As this devilish creation only requires a small quantity of paint, pick up part-full tins of paint from Β£1 per litre from your nearby Community RePaint scheme! Click here to find your local Community RePaint scheme.

If you decide to go down this creative route, be sure to eat your pumpkin’s innards! Why not check out Hubbub’s #EatYourPumpkin campaign to cook up a festive feast to snack on while creating your mysterious masterpiece! Be spookily savvy and prevent pumpkins and paint from going to waste.

Mysterious muralsΒ 

Take your Halloween-themed decorations up a notch this year and simmer up a supernatural-themed mural! Perfect as a festive feature wall in a bedroom or why not give the walls of your garden shed or fence an arty revamp!

Click here to search for your nearby Community RePaint scheme to pick up high-quality, affordable paint for your hair-raising project, from only Β£1 per litre.

Β Halloween themed mural using leftover paintπŸ“· Pieter Van De Sande / πŸ“· Actionvance


Enjoy your Halloween celebrations this year and share with us photos of your festive-themed decorations by emailing repaint@resourcefutures.co.uk or by tagging us on our socials!


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