Colour drenching is an interior design trend that involves taking a single colour and using it across many different surfaces from the ceiling to the floor. This can include walls, radiators, ceiling roses, picture rails, skirting boards, window frames, doors, and even furniture. Colour drenching goes further than incorporating pops of colour in a room, it’s about immersing a space in a single hue to envelop it entirely.

It’s a way for you to throw the painting rule book out of the window, and be playful with how you use paint and colour. With the rise of maximalism in interior design, people are embracing bold colour like never before, seeking ways to express themselves in their homes, where we are spending an increasing amount of time. Colour drenching is a growing trend seen online from interior designers and DIYers alike.

Colour drenching can have the effect of making a room appear bigger by blurring the edges of a space like where the ceiling meets the walls. It can also create a sense of tranquility by removing stark contrasts. It means that areas of interest and depth are created through the lighting in a room rather than with colour. It often means colour drenching works best when coupled with architectural details such a panelling, to create visual interest in a space.

Colour drenching can be an effective way to zone areas of a room. In a space which has more than one function, like a kitchen-diner or spare room-office.

If you’re keen to have a go for yourself, why check out the paint available at your local Community Repaint scheme, and get inspired to go bold with colour this year.

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