Four stories of paint reuse in Workington

lady smiling and holding a paint tin on painted black steps
A delighted customer who saved paint going to waste by reusing half a tin of paint for her concrete steps.

Our new scheme, Community RePaint Workington, have opened their doors are are already seeing the paint the are passing on doing wonders for individuals and groups in their local community.

Patch Kendal (pictured right), who runs Community Repaint Workington, shared a few of her recent stories of paint. She says:

“We met Matt who, at the age of 50, had to start all over again.  Matt and his Son were living in a caravan. They eventually found a house but had no furniture. They came to us and we sold them furniture and 20 litres of paint. Matt was over the moon. We saved them a lot of money.

school gets painted blue
Local school gets repainted with leftover blue masonry paint saved from waste by Community Repaint Workington

A teacher from a school contacted us, they wanted to spruce up their children’s activity area.  Tracy called in and picked up 30 litres of paint – masonry, gloss and satin.  She was absolutely delighted and has been a keen advocate of the scheme since then. We saved them nearly a £100.


stone shed painted blue
A stone shed repainted in a vibrant blue masonry paint, saved from going to waste.


A tenant on the estate had heard about the paint pot and sent a friend to check it out. She wanted to paint her stone shed.  Her friend left with blue masonry paint. She sent a picture of the result, it was amazing. Her friend will be back for more paint to liven up her garden wall.”

There are lots of lovely stories, too many to recount them all!

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