In case you didn’t know (we don’t blame you if you didn’t!), Monday 2nd March is National Old Stuff Day. The origins of this day are unknown, but nevertheless, it’s a great excuse to cherish some relics of the past and bygone artifacts!

At Community RePaint, we think you can have a go at “Old Stuff Day” by having a clear-out and packing off any reuseable paint to your nearest Community RePaint donation point. Or conversely, you may want to look at your old stuff and give it a bit of a revival with a lick of paint. So look at out Do You Need Paint page to find your nearest scheme and they’ll help you find some paint to give that old stuff a new lease of life!

Some other ideas for “Old Stuff Day”

  • Eat food and drinks that remind you of your youth; a particular cereal from your childhood may still taste as good now as it did then, or plan on baking an old gastronomic favourite of macaroni cheese for dinner.
  • Spend the day visiting antique shops or your local historical museum, and end the day with some mature cheese and a bottle of vintage wine.
  • Mental and physical activities provide you with a connection to the past and a way to spend your day. Find a cosy spot to settle with a cup of tea as you contemplate the last year in your life, and jot down your thoughts and stories in an old notepad.
  • Looking though old photos will help with tackling a photo-organising project. After reflecting on the past, call or email old friends or family members and share your memories.
  • Tune your radio to the oldies station or find an old film on the telly.
  • If you’re a sports fan, find replays of famous games in your chosenΒ sport.
  • In the evening, have an old movie fest and have an interval snack of old-time treats, such as choc ices or make your own popcorn!


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